Employers and Employees at Odds Over Employment

I just read an article " Applicants, bosses trade blame over failures to fill job openings" , by Joyce Rosenberg, in the Detroit News, detailing the frustration by both employers and candidates in their pursuit to fill positions.

This dilemma has been recounted numerous times by my clients, but it is interesting to read both perspectives in one article. I have two children in University, and found it refreshing that they are required to spend a significant amount of time interning as part of their curriculum. Interning provides a bit of real world experience, and hopefully will allow them to be more focused in their career search once they graduate. I must wonder though; does interning build an unrealistic expectation that their first job must match their dream job? As John Malkovich said " You want the job after this one, but you need this one first" a mantra that people new to the workforce may want to embrace.