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Trusting your business's legal representation to an attorney is a big decision. At Franchise Legal Support, our attorney has more than 30 years of experience working with franchisees and franchisee associations. Find out what other business owners have to say about working with our skilled team.

      "If you own a franchise David should be your lawyer!"

      I have been in franchising for years, and had several attorneys, but David is an invaluable resource, not just as an attorney providing guidance and in the resolution of disputes we have had with our franchisor, but in his business and operational experience. If you own a franchise David should be your lawyer.

      KS Los Angeles, CA
      "He is an exceptional negotiator and problem solver"

      David is not only the General Counsel for our Association, but he is part of our strategic team. His insights during negotiations with our franchisor, and in planning meetings, have led us to a more solid ability to represent the interests of our members. He is an exceptional negotiator and problem solver, that has benefited not only the Association but quite frankly our franchisor as well.

      KB Kansas City, MO
      "Understanding and knowledgeable"

      I am a new franchisee, David not only reviewed the huge stack of documents that I was asked to sign, but he was able to do a “franchise 101” with me, to insure I understood the provisions that would affect me, and that I would be living with for the next 10 years. He continues to be an understanding and knowledgeable resource in all aspects of my operation.

      LM Chicago, IL
      "David is all that."

      If you own a franchise, you need expert legal advice, someone that understands both the legality and business of franchising, an advocate that can take the issues you have and create solutions, or stand toe to toe with your franchisor, David is all that.

      CG Calabasas, CA
      "His style, experience and skill grounded all of us"

      We had been in litigation for a couple of years with our franchisor, never getting close to settling the case, or having productive talks. David was brought in to mediate our matter, his style, experience and skill grounded all of us, and through his process, opened up dialogue allowing us to settle the case and not have to go to trial.

      MJ New York, NY
      "He knows how to deal effectively, directly and clearly"

      David was spot on! He handled our case professionally, expediently, compassionately and with great concern. We were continually advised of the progress of our case and he was proactive in regard to keeping the process moving forward to a conclusion. He responded quickly to our communication and most often initiated the communication himself. We had been trying to address our problems with the franchisor for almost a year to no avail. David got the job done and the exit papers signed within a few months. He knows how to deal effectively, directly and clearly with the franchisors and is quick not to let progress lag along. We can not speak highly enough of David; it's tough to face spending more money on a difficult situation/business but David is worth every dollar. He handled the entire case with integrity, dignity and tact. Thank you!

      "My husband and I feel very lucky"

      I was introduced to David several months ago, and from our very first meeting, I was and have been super impressed with him. I enlisted David’s help to vet out a franchise opportunity and review the contract/FDD for consideration. David’s representation and knowledge of the franchise industry is immeasurable! My husband and I feel very lucky to have found someone with such depth of knowledge and who specializes in representation of the franchisee (insert happy dance). David is extremely professional, makes himself available on short notice and has such an eloquent articulation of the legal language. As we move through the franchise ownership funnel, I look forward to partnering with David. He’s definitely a solid advisor that we want on our business team going forward.

      "Extremely helpful and supportive"

      David is very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful and supportive. I left his office with confidence knowing I have his support and guidance. I would recommend his services to any franchisor or franchisee.

      "Excellent all around service. Highly recommended."

      As being both a previous Midas franchisee and a property owner, I’ve known David for many years. David was extremely helpful in negotiating a new lease with Midas for me. Using his extensive knowledge and background in a very professional, calm, and systematic way, David managed to gap the differences of both parties’ expectations and bring about a satisfactory final deal. In addition, David used his expertise and persistence to negotiate a new lease with a Billboard company which has a signage on my property as well. It was truly a pleasure working with David. He always answered my emails and phone calls promptly, professionally, and personably. Excellent all around service. Highly recommended.

      "I would definitely recommend David"

      We hired David in very tough time with a franchise that we got involved in. He dealt with the franchise very directly and was a able to solve our dispute. We didn't even have to go to court because of his counsel. He was honest and fair in his price. I would definitely recommend David for any franchise disputes. Thanks David. God Bless

      "Excellent person to know"

      I have worked with David for over 10 years and in all that time I have been impressed with his knowledge and professionalism,not to mention his personable style. His expertise in franchises and real estate are top notch and have been a constant resource for me. Excellent person to know.

      "You will be very satisfied with his services"

      I have known David Levaton for many years and have worked with him on behalf of the International Midas Dealers Association. As a member of the IMDA Board of Directors, many dealers who had issues, were buying or were selling told me that David was extremely helpful to them. The advise that he gave them was very clear and right to the point. His fees were very reasonable and his services were very timely. On a personal note, David has assisted me on a few issues with both Midas and customers. In each case, I was very happy with the outcome. I will not tell you that I "won" everytime, but I will share with you that, with David's efforts, we got the maximum result with a minimum effort and expense. I highly recommend David Levaton to you no matter which franchise you are involved with and sincerely believe that you will be very satisfied with his services.

      "We would highly recommend Mr. Levaton"

      Mr. Levaton did a great job helping us review a new FDD. He brought up a lot of good points and helped us structure a list of questions/concerns for the franchisor. After the review we felt a lot more comfortable with the content. We would highly recommend Mr. Levaton to anyone who needs franchise legal support.