Selling a Franchise

Our California Franchise Law Attorney Can Service as Your Guide

When it is time to sell your franchise, there will be a legal road ahead you will have to navigate to ensure the sale is legal and you are protected. With Franchise Legal Support and our franchise attorney in Los Angeles on your side, you will not need to worry yourself with all the rules, regulations, legal requirements and agreements associated with selling a franchise location. We handle the entire sale process .

Items to review before selling a franchise include: 

  • Preparation
  • Lease & franchise agreement transfers
  • Negotiating & drafting Asset Purchase agreements and escrow
  • Reviewing restrictions on ownership transfers

You undoubtedly want the sale of your franchise to be as profitable as possible while protecting you from post-sale problems. Mistakes in paperwork can result in a major loss of time and money. You will want to know that the person you are selling to can make payments on time, has the skills needed to maintain the franchise, and will treat employees with respect. These are all things your California franchise attorney,  David Scott Levaton, Esq. can help you with.

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Put Decades of Franchise Experience on Your Side

Selling a franchise is unlike selling any other sort of business. Due to a franchise being a branch or limb of a larger franchise company, there are unique challenges associated with ending or transferring ownership. As with how you ran your franchise location was dependent on allowances from the parent franchise company, so might be how you can choose to sell it.

Call (888) 631-0048 at your first opportunity to connect with our California franchise lawyer. With us in your corner, you can be confident that your franchise transaction will go smoothly.

Franchisee Resources

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