"Pro-Franchisee" the New Catch Phrase

Lately the phrase "pro-franchisee" has been bantered about a lot regarding legislative attempts to add more franchisee protections. Pro Franchisee Legislation Faces Some Tough Opposition , Posted by Ed Teixeira, gives a brief summary on why these legislative attempts are meeting such resistance.

In my practice, early detection (sounds medical) is important. Understanding the franchise system a client is looking to enter, spending time understanding the contracts and nuances, is an imperative step prior to getting involved in any business. It allows a franchisee to prepare for bumps in the road.

Clearly franchisors and franchisees must work together to command a strong system. The rationale for pro-franchisee legislation, that franchisees be able to reap the benefits of their hard work, build equity and retirement value, without it being taken out from under them is a cause worth supporting.

Franchise agreements come in all sizes, some more balanced then others, and franchisors come in those same sizes; pro-franchisee legislation tends to balance the highs and lows, providing a bit more security in the investment. In the end we are all working towards the same goal, a strong, profitable, franchised business, system and loyal customers.

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