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Are you thinking about buying a franchise? Is your franchise contract up for renewal? If so, do not speak with anyone until you have consulted a Los Angeles franchise lawyer from Franchise Legal Support! We will carefully review the FDD and Franchise Agreement, and outline your rights and the obligations of the franchisor, as well as identify potential trouble areas that might prove to be problematic down the road if not fixed now. Our experience in franchise law is extensive, and we can ensure you clearly understand the franchised business you will be investing in.

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Minimizing Your Liability & Maximizing Your Profitability

We have extensive experience representing franchisees through every aspect of reviewing a franchise agreement and buying a franchise. We can help you navigate the difficult process of assessing contract terms and can identify and address any potential problems to help you mitigate risk later down the line.

Our agreement review services can help you understand the crucial details that will be essential to your success. In our review, we can provide you with information concerning the following:

  • Obligations of the franchisor and the franchisee
  • Royalty structure
  • Real estate requirements
  • Your termination and renewal rights
  • Standard dispute resolution procedures
  • Protection against same-brand competitors
  • Restrictions placed on sales and transfers
  • Provisions for non-competition laws

As part of the review, we will suggest changes to the Agreements that will define your franchise and can assist you in negotiating our suggested changes with the franchisor.

We will provide you with a sample questionnaire to poll existing franchisees, to get a sense of the system and how other franchisees feel about the franchised business.

By allowing us to assist you before making the long-term commitment of becoming a franchisee or renewing your existing franchise, our review will clarify your rights, and the obligations of the franchisor, and will save you time and money by identifying troublesome areas in your agreements before they become problems.

We understand that getting into a franchised business takes a lot of upfront money, so to ensure your rights are protected and your agreements understood and negotiated, we do all our initial reviews for a discounted flat fee. We do this to allow you to budget initial legal expenses with no surprises. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can assist you.

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With 30+ years of experience representing franchisees, our Los Angeles franchise attorney is prepared to assist you next. We are here to assist new and existing franchisees in navigating their franchise system and the agreements that define your franchised business. We will assist you in understanding your rights, your relationship and negotiate to provide you with the best possible advantage. We can also help you sell your franchise later if you decide you want to retire or move to a different entrepreneurial venture. We know what it's like to be in your shoes since our lead attorney has more than 45 years of family franchisee experience. You can count on our firm for affordable, effective, and knowledgeable legal representation in all franchise matters.

Because this area of law can be incredibly specialized, do not move forward until you have met with a representative of our firm. We are here to help you avoid the common issues that many people face when dealing with franchise agreements. Contact us today.

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